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Our Mission

Everyone here with Team Tommy has the same mindset our Founder and CEO, Tommy Rodriguez, started this company with. Our "people first money mindset" allows us to serve our investors with their client experience first, making their experience as simple as it needs to be. From US based support to our client TRod App to our in-person live events and so much more!

Our Story

While Tommy is CEO of our amazing company he was once just selling on the same platforms himself, with more than enough money to live a very abundant lifestyle, he started to search for more fulfillment in his life. At first he started coaching others to do what he was already doing for himself while automating the systems for his own stores to make time to coach. Quickly he realized that to leave an overall bigger impact he was going to need to automate stores for his clients. People wanted the great income that an ecommerce business model will bring but did not want to spend the 100’s of hours behind the computer to run it. That is when Tommy, in 2018, officially launched Automation Empire with the mission to help people add a revenue stream selling online, while being completely hands off.


Team Tommy has grown to become a complete in-house Automation Empire. We have stepped away from the typical “VA automation” business model and brought everyone in-house. While this has worked in the past, we do not see it as a business model that can adapt and grow at the rate that our company moves. We are now able to train everyone while doing quality control over the operations. We are now also able to quickly troubleshoot changes as they are rolled out to get solutions to different platforms and their ever-changing policies and software. With our team in Colombia, investors are now also able to visit our office in person!


Automation Empire has a global reach of hundreds of employees serving thousands of clients around the world. With 6 years of experience in building brand reputation and managing thousands of drop-shipping accounts, suspensions and ROI’s – Automation Empire has developed a leadership team and infrastructure to continue years of growth.


Community: From humble beginnings to generating more than 10 Million in revenue before 30 Tommy Rodriguez has built a community of loyal investors.


Connection: World Class Customer Care isn’t just our brand it’s our reputation to care about YOU more than the bottom line. From emails, phone calls, office visits and live events our employees and clients share their goals, successes and connect with others in similar situations.


Conversations: Our engagement both on and off social media allows us to listen, evaluate and integrate our clients ideas to provide higher levels of service and greater returns.


Conversions: The bottom line matters … to you … and to us.

Meet Our Team

Thomas Rodriguez

Chief Executive Officer

Melissa Krivachek

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Kowtko

Chief Foreign Operating Officer

Jeffrey Hord

General Counsel

Diego Meneses

Executive Director, Colombia

Sasha Nurse

Vice President of Operations

Marsha Mathurin

Customer Service Specialist

Jeanette Garcia

Executive Assistant

Lindsay Phillip

Customer Service Specialist

Ron Earley

Sales Director, Heavy Marketing

Cody Cornwell

Marketing Director, Heavy Marketing

Jose Meneses

Tech Director, Be Plus Business Solutions